In the home renovation game, some homeowners customize their space to perfectly suit their tastes and specific needs, and other times, they renovate with the next buyer in mind.

 If you’re planning on selling in the future, there are some tried-and-true approaches to remodeling that can help maximize your home’s market value and get the best return on your investment.

Here are 5 ways to renovate for resale:

  1. Know your market. Understanding the demographics and preferences of the buyers in your area will help you tailor your updates to appeal to the target market. Do some research – talk to realtors, contractors, and neighbours – find out what’s selling around you, and why.
  2. Prioritize high-ROI spaces. Decide which areas of your home provide the highest return on investment (ROI). Kitchens and bathrooms usually have a significant impact on resale value. Consider updating big-ticket items like flooring, countertops, cabinets, kitchen appliances, and light fixtures.
  3. Neutral for the win. As much as we like a good pop of colour, neutral colours for walls and flooring will appeal to a broader range of buyers and make it easier for them to envision their own style and furniture in the space.
  4. Curb appeal is everything. You want your house to make a good “first impression”. Curb appeal can be improved easily by doing simple things – maintaining the landscaping, painting the front door, or investing in outdoor lighting.
  5. Focus on efficiency. Installing energy efficient appliances, lighting, and windows will lower utility costs and decrease environmental footprint, which appeals to many buyers. Something else to consider is efficient use of space. Creating more storage options is often a selling point for buyers – this can include built-in closets, shelving, or kitchen pantry solutions.

Remember that every house is unique. Before you start buying paint and knocking down walls, give us a call. Construction professionals can provide valuable insights tailored to your location and property that may save you money and result in more profits in the end.

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